Jan 11, 2010

18. Leave me be for damn sake!

Yes, you heard the Serpent. Now bugger off and leave him alone. Why has the blog of eternal wisdom been all but silent? A few reasons really:

1. In these harsh economical times the Serpent has been forced to actually work for a living. The horror. No more handouts from rich daddy. He will be back next year in full annoyance however, when every little idiot brat is again able to make money hand over fist flipping houses.

2. Program cutbacks. The Serpent will be running a limited blog coverage of the ALMS this season. He will cover Sebring if his coverage does not get blocked by the almsforum.com mafia (who will likely in turn fail to show themselves... wait a minute...). In the interm... the Serpent will prepare to write articles for the major races this season such as Le Mans, and possibly Petit. Of note, the Serpent will be ill informed and under performing despite his previous glory... but the blame will go on the French for screwing him. The Serpent expects a full season of writing next season barring economical disaster, failure of the series, and assuming he gets the funding to allow him to quit his day job. Just don't expect him to cross the border to Mosport or attend a race that is not Sebring, Petit, or Le Mans.

3. The Serpent is so damn important and has so many insider racing contacts that if he so chose to share a fraction of what he knew with the common race fan, even the common race fan that thinks he is above the others, their face would melt. If you only Knew what I knew.

For taste: Expect an Audi to cameo in the challenge class by the end of the season. Just don't blink when it happens. Expect the series curmudgeons to pat themselves on the back this year for predicting that the year will be crap. They will love it... and themselves. (I wonder when they will choose to recognize the other half of the field? I don't think the cars are going any time soon. I laugh... why count/mention 2 GT1 Vettes race themselves yet now ignore a entire class?).

Get used to watching your races early. Really early... on a Monday morning. Green racing's next marketing move is to reduce emissions and energy consumption. Simple: Less fans drive to the races, and less fans turn on their TV's to tune in. Grand Am has been pioneering this type of green racing for a few years now. 2011 will be a little better despite major manufacturer return. The intercontinental-cup-of-lame-racing-politics will ensure that the ALMS is kept down with manufacturer dollar only going to the big events, and thus ensuring that no-one goes to races like Mosport (i.e. a location where they will come if you build it... so they will do everything they can to not build it).

You are welcome.